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To promote the educational upliftment for the girl child irrespective of caste by:

  • Acquiring different facilitates and tutors to instill new knowledge

  • Portraying the benefits of girl child education

  • Providing scholastic materials

  • Provision of school fees



To eliminate child labor, child trafficking, and child abuse and focus on the education
and resettlement of deprived girls by:

  • Sensitizing the girl child about their rights

  • Establishment of a girl Child home.

  • Holding community-based meetings with (Parents, local gov’t and well-wishers) on how to protect girls from detractors of the world.



To organize medical camps with in rural communities to help with health up keep for
village families:

  • Teaming up with medical workers both to check and provide needed treatment.


To conduct research in education and other disciplines on the different subjects relating
to the empowerment of the girl Child.
 Conducting different dialogues with the girls on how they should respect their parents.
 Welcoming church leaders to speak with girls on matters concerning Godliness.

 To promote use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) .Teaching basic
computer skills.
 Setting up a computer center.

 Empowerment conferences and seminars to educate women of their God given rights.
 Abuse recovery programs and follow ups to see total welfare for the victims.
 To promote participation of youth in income generation activities.
 Teaching them the benefits of working either on salary or wage basis.
 Teaching them practical skills such as: candles, liquid soap,cake baking, soya rice
 Establishing small scale businesses or enterprises. Such as Tailoring

 To undertake developmental activities independently or in collaboration with other
voluntary organizations ready and willing to raise the standards of living for the
 Preventing violence in schools, working with communities to ensure that the schools
are violence-free and that they provide a safe learning environment for girls. working

with schools to build networks of peers, role models and mentors, train female teachers
and offers social support to help create a safe space for girls to learn.
 Educating boys about gender equality – Gender equality is good for everyone; boys
and girls, women and men. Engaging boys in solutions to achieve gender equality to
help change, social norms in entire communities.
 Challenging gender roles – Raising awareness at family and community levels will
promote positive attitudes towards education for girls. It’s also important to engage
parents in open dialogue regarding commonly held gender stereotypes.