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She Learns Conference 2018 Report

July 21st, 2018 She Learns launched their 2-day conference at Winstone Secondary School in Kampala, Uganda.

The starting time for the conference was 11 am. By this time, the event space was already filled with about 50 people. But by 1 pm, the entire space was filled with 248 young people in attendance.

When asked about his impression of the event, Fred Sebaggala, founder of She Learns, said, “I was just amazed by the way People kept coming!” “Surely the Lord answered all our prayers and the event was a success.”

This year’s theme was “One in Christ” and centered around Galatians 3:28 which says, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

She Learns founder, Fred, expressed the desire for She Learns to educate girls and boys, and young men and women on the truth of equality. Fred said there are, “No limitations put upon us in Christ, whether man or woman we all share common ground in Christ.”

Equality is not only a Christian value but also an effective framework within which to combat abuse, another central concern of the She Learns organization.

In the morning sessions of the conference, She Learns speakers lead important teachings and discussions on abuse and human trafficking including how to detect and avoid being trafficked, a problem all too common in Uganda.

In the evening, the She Learns conference hosted a leaders session where young leaders were called upon to come forward to “let their light shine” as young people. And, both girls and boys, showed their leadership giftings as examples to those in attendance of the conference.

The She Learns conference not only allowed for serious discussion but it was also a time for great celebration with singing, dancing, delicious food, and many smiling faces.

We are thankful for the impact She Learns is having on the community of young people and we are thrilled to see the next generation being raised up with an ethic of equality and a heart that speaks out against abuse and injustice.

She Learns very much appreciates your prayers, encouragement, and support. We give all the glory and honor to the Lord for God’s goodness towards us.

If you would like to help support She Learns and assist in covering the cost of this event please send your donations through this link:

For larger donations and information about the non-profit status of She Learns please contact Fred at:

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