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She Learns February/March REPORT + Photos

SheLearns has gone through February and March reaching out in all avenues to see a change in the life of girls, keeping up with our focus to see transformation and change. One life at a time. Together we impact societies.

With every opportunity that comes our way, we used it well. We were able to attend an all schools conference at Dove Church, meet the students of Winston, the girls did general cleaning around the neighborhood and we went met the students at St Noah girls school.

At Winston on women’s day, girls joined together to clean the community. This was a positive move to the society and planting a seed of living a life that is selfless. With this teamwork is promoted and teaches them to love and to be hard working women.

At Winston, a there was a debate on the topic of “Should women be given equal rights in Uganda”. It was interesting watching the young girls defending their rights and most of the boys taking on the traditional norm of women are not meant to attain anything but only do housework…This gave us a clear signal that the work of SheLearns has to spread all over and across villages and cities.

St Noah is a girls school, where we went with our spokesperson Primrose Nsimeta. In her message, she told the girls to love, to take care of themselves and respect themselves. It's hard for people to you if it doesn’t begin with you. It’s our aim at SheLearns to build the self-worth of the girls we serve.

In my speech, I reminded the girls that God loves them and they are not limited. Being a woman has no effect on them doing great things and fulfilling all their dreams. I asked them to come out, stand out, speak out and fight for what belongs to them.

At Dove church, they organized a student’s conference where close to 120 students were in attendance and in my message I spoke to them on how each one of us has to learn to give honor and be thankful.

We believe a woman with a voice is a strong woman……Together we can speak out and reach out to her!.......She learns……She wins.

-Fred Sebaggala, She Learns Founder

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