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SheLearns 2019 and 2020 Updates

SheLearns 2019 Recap

The year 2019 was successful. In September the SheLearns annual conference was held. With over hundred girls in attendance, the three days conference was successful, a lot was taught to the girls by the team from Missionary At Heart led by Joanie Batista.

Day one we had the Revelation Wellness led by Joanie Batista and the team. Day two we had speakers Ashley Easter, Jess Kromer, Heidi Howard, Laura Lewis and Alexandra Greenley. Girls were reminded of their true worth and who they are in Christ. Beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made thus they should never under estimate who they are because they are girls. Day three was the beautiful women seminar, on this day girls received free reusable sanitary pads and some team members were taught how to make them. Thanks to CBE, Missionary At Heart and Ashley Easter for all the support.

After the conference, we travelled to Gomba District with the SheLearns team. It’s always our end of year journey called Hope for the Village Girls. In many Ugandan villages both women and girls live in abject poverty and can’t afford basics for life. As SheLearns we go to restore hope and provide them with life sustaining items. Thanks to our partners Missionary at heart and Ashley Easter our team advisor.

SheLearns 2020 Update

During the year 2020 after the outbreak of the coronavirus, many people in Uganda were left unemployed and not able to feed their families. With support from our friends, SheLearns was able to deliver home-use items to many and speak hope in the midst of isolation to many. We gave out Food (Rice, maize flour, Bananas and Bathing soap).

Thank you all for the support.

–Fred Sebaggala, Founder SheLearns

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